Agricultura Hidroponia 2


Agricultura Hidroponia
Cultivo Hidroponia
metodo hidroponia
La hidroponía o agricultura hidropónica es un método utilizado para cultivar plantas usando disoluciones minerales en un medio inerte, perlita expandida, sustituyendo el  suelo agrícola.

The roots receive a nutritious and balanced solution dissolved in water with all the essential nutrients useful for the development of the plants, which grow in the inert medium provided by the expanded perlite.

 2002 PERLINDUSTRIA,  manufacture of bags with expanded perlite for hydroponic cultivation.

Advantages of hydroponics or hydroponics with expanded perlite: 

  • Greater control over the plant’s feeding.
  • Higher plant performance, more production.
  • Equality between all fruits, less difference in size.
  • High water saving
  • Oxygenation of the plant.
  • Low soil temperature / culture medium.

Hydroponics production to solve the limitations of conventional agriculture. [/ vc_column_text] [/ vc_column_inner] [/ vc_row_inner]

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