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    We have over 35 years of experience in the expansion of perlite and vermiculite. Our cryogenics department performs in situ expansion of perlite and its installation in all types of cryogenics systems, while also ensuring that the quality standards and deadlines for the project are met.

    Quality and service

    We have a quality control system which covers all of our production processes.

    Our main commitment is providing a quality and efficient service to the client.


    We have participated in all types of cryogenic projects. Describe your problem to us and we will find a solution that will meet your expectations. Contact us!

    Ecological and natural

    Perlite and vermiculite are natural minerals that provide added value to every application.

    PERLINDUSTRIA guarantees sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing.


    Perlindustria tríptico

    New brouchure with all the Perlindustria solutions.

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    Tanque, hornos yamal

    Project: Installation of 4 LNG tanks in Yamal, Russia.
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    Tanque yamal

    Thermal insulation production and installation in LNG storage tanks.

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