2002 Perlindustria is a company of Grupo PV, a group of companies that began working in the world of perlite and vermiculite in 1976. We have been working with natural insulation products for over 35 years.

PV Group began its own production of perlite in 1999. Since then our capacity and applications have expanded. The result of this experience is 2002 PERLINDUSTRIA, a company that produces and applies expanded perlite and vermiculite as well as cryogenic insulation.

Since 2011 we have been part of RPM international, a leading holding company in the sale of building materials and materials for the industry, such as fire retardant mortar, intumescent paints, coatings and flooring.

Grupo RPM

Currently, the main lines of business of 2002 PERLINDUSTRIA are:

  • The production and installation of cryogenic perlite, LNG tanks, cryogenic tanks and cold boxes.
  • The manufacturing of expanded perlite and vermiculite for applications in construction, industry and horticulture.
  • The supply of perlite and vermiculite as raw materials for thermal and acoustic insulation systems used in the construction industry.

The application of fire protection systems and paints for the petrochemical industry and cryogenic applications.

The reason for being of 2002 PERLINDUSTRIA is to manage trust with the customer, to be a supplier who always provides solutions even in the most special cases. We make our proximity a virtue, which make us an infallible partner. Cryogenic applications for petrochemical industry and insulation for tanks.

The objective of 2002 PERLINDUSTRIA is to be a leading company worldwide in the expanded minerals and cryogenic insulation sector. This will be achieved through innovation and constant improvement by all members of our team, while fully satisfying the requirements of our customers, suppliers and all stakeholders connected to the activity of the company.