Aislamiento Térmico Vivienda
Aislamiento termico vivienda 2

The outside temperature in both summer and winter has a direct effect on the thermal comfort of your home. To solve this problem it is essential to have good thermal insulation.

Perlite is a versatile mineral that is processed with minimal environmental impact. Perlite expands when heated to high temperatures, increasing its size significantly. Thermo-acoustic insulation is one of the many uses of expanded perlite.

Insulating your house with expanded perlite ensures thermal comfort all year round. With this insulation, heat losses are reduced and avoided:

  • In winter, it protects your home against the penetration of cold.
  • In summer, you avoid the spread of outdoor temperatures into the house.

Therefore, the installation of expanded perlite in the home produces very significant energy savings. Besides being a good thermal insulator, expanded perlite also provides excellent acoustical insulation for homes.

Insulating your home with expanded perlite is a quick and easy process.

  1. First, the operator must check that your home is suitable for insulation with expanded perlite, making sure that the walls and the interior are not damaged and have no cracks before applying the product correctly. Otherwise, the operator will take care of any potential defects.
  2. The operator will then make the bore holes where the product is injected to ensure proper distribution throughout the house.
  3. Once the holes are ready, the operator will pour the expanded perlite into each of them to achieve a complete distribution of expanded perlite around the house.
  4. Upon completion of the filling, all holes will be restored to their original state.